Bruins Battle for a Win

The Bruins did not bring their best effort to the first two periods at the TD Garden last night but came alive in the third period fueled by some hard-nosed effort by Marchand who put the puck in the back of the net while being mauled on the powerplay and by Seidenberg’s miracle center ice goal. I have never seen anything like that and probably won’t again. It reminded me of a fluke NHL 11 or 12 goal that you would score at one in the morning against your roommate, and not something a pro goalie would allow. I’m sure Craig Anderson is going to get ribbed by his teammates for the next week.

After I posted my favorite hockey hit of the year by Marchand on Salo yesterday, it reminded me of a similar hit from a great scene in the movie Remember the Titans. Take a look (Fast forward to 1:10)


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