Nike’s New Uniforms

We all know about the Oregon Ducks and their uniforms that change every week.  Now Nike has released a new Platinum line for 9 powerhouse basketball teams (both men and womens? because everyone cares about that) . The teams that were chosen to wear the Hyper Elite Platinum uniforms are Arizona, UConn, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and Syracuse men and the Baylor and UConn women.  Being a big UConn fan, I like the idea of changing it up, maybe they can play better too!  On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind seeing UNC and Duke lose in those colors, or any colors for that matter.  These jerseys will debut on Sunday when UConn plays Notre Dame.  Each teams jersey has a little bit different coloring, but for the most part look the same.

2 thoughts on “Nike’s New Uniforms

  1. These uniforms are nice, but I hope they are just a one or two game showcase. I like to see more parity out of the jerseys than this.

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