Weekend College Round Up

Tough weekend for top teams as #1 Syracuse was handed their first loss by unranked Notre Dame.  This loss means that only #10 Murray State is undefeated in the top 25.  #3 Baylor was handed their second loss in as many games in a one point battle against #5 Missouri (their other loss was last Monday against #7 Kansas), so chances are they will still be top ten or at the very least top thirteen. 

Florida State is quickly becoming my favorite team with victories over my two least favorite teams (Buzzer beater 3 pointer over #4 Duke this weekend, and over #3 North Carolina last weekend)

#7 Kansas barely snuck by unranked texas with a 3 point win over the Long Horns.  Unfortunately for any Husky fans (like myself) #11 UConn was handed their fifth loss by a sub-par and sub-.500 Tennessee team

Getting a little off topic, I hope everyone enjoyed their break and is ready to see Boston Sports Blog do big things and I hope you all keep up with us, as we will try to bring you the best of the sports world every day.

2 thoughts on “Weekend College Round Up

  1. Any chance we can see an article about Thomas Robinson?!? That guys been on a mean streak for Kansas and could be an unstoppable force come March Madness time.

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