Welcome 2012

20120103-112549.jpgNow that everyone’s had a day or two to sleep off the New Year’s hangover, the year 2012 is in full swing, with no exception in the world of sports. The long holiday weekend had its fair share of ups and downs but for sure, never a dull moment in Boston. Friday we watched as an unlikely hero in Jermaine O’Neil led the charge for the Celtics to get back on track, getting their first win of the season at the Garden against the Detroit Pistons. Unfortunately, the Bruin’s hot streak ended at 7 games as they fell to the Dallas Stars Saturday night 4-2. On the bright side, they’re still in full control of the division, making the loss a mere speed bump in one of the best nights of the year. If New Year’s Eve isn’t your thing, New Year’s Day more than made up for it to Boston fans, as we watched both the Patriots and Celtics claim victory. After a shaky start and falling behind 21-0, the Pats rallied with 49, yes FORTY NINE unanswered points to route the Bills and ensure the road to the Superbowl goes straight through Foxboro. As if that wasn’t enough, later that evening Rondo put on a show in our nation’s capital, ending the night with a triple-double as the C’s smoked the Wizards on their home court. Last night, the battle wasn’t so easy, as the C’s returned home to take on the Wizards in back to back nights. The game was neck and neck all night, with the Celts pulling away late in the 4th quarter to seal off their third win in a row, putting them at a level .500 on the early season. Oh and the Heat lost to the Hawks last night, and it always puts a smile on my face seeing LBJ lose. Overall, not a bad start to 2012 for Boston sports fans. Let’s hope the New Year continues to bring success to Beantown and maybe some new hardware. Happy New Year!

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