Jersey’s Newest Problem (as if they didn’t have enough)

Just when you think things may be turning around for the New Jersey Nets, one of their best players goes down.  Brook Lopez is now sidelined with a broken foot, and will be out until at least February, probably even longer.  This could be deadly to the Nets, who seemed to be the front runner in acquiring Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic.  Unless the Magic actually do hold out until after the all-star game that they are hosting to avoid an awkward return of a certain all-star, shortly after they have traded him.  Lopez was the centerpiece of this trade, and hopefully they can still make it work, so he doesn’t go to that yellow and purple team in Los Angeles.

As much as I would hate a Deron Williams-Dwight Howard duo in the Atlantic Division with the Celtics, I would rather see them win it than see the Lakers tie Boston’s record of 17 championships, and I hate Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, and dislike greatly Kobe Bryant (hate is a strong word for a player of his caliber… reminds me of rapist version of Derek Jeter).

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