Celtics Look Ahead

Well the Celt’s preseason has come and gone in a blink of an eye, as it should considering they only mustered up two games. It was great to see them win at the garden last night, but the game served a higher purpose. With 13 guaranteed contracts and the likelihood they’ll only carry 14 players out of camp, the C’s only have one roster spot open for the likes of Greg Stiemsma, Gilbert Brown, Jamal Sampson, and Michael Sweetney. In my opinion, and based on how much he played and how he performed, Stiemsma’s going to be the man left standing. He put in 7 points off the bench last night, but ran the floor and showed how he could be a defensive presence for the Celts. None of the others really stood out in either preseason game, besides Sweetney for obvious reasons. It was like Danny called Vince Wilfork to come play. In the six minutes he played, the crowd erupted at the garden each time he merely touched the ball. When he scored his first and only bucket, on a failed dunk attempt, the garden lit up like it was Game 7 vs. the Lakers, circa 2008. I kind of felt bad for the guy but such is life.

With the season opener only three days away, many question how strong the Celtics will be. There’s been a lot of doubt in everyone’s mind as to how they’ll perform. It may not be as promising as past years, but I have faith. My pick for this year is E’Twaun Moore. Mark my word, this kid’s going to do big things. His quickness, vision, shooting, and ability to play to the people around him are going to come in handy this year, especially with the veteran presence the Celts have. I think we’re going to see good things come out of Moore this year. I’m excited to see him and the rest of the team in action come Christmas. Should be a good game.

2 thoughts on “Celtics Look Ahead

  1. Stiemsma is the only logical choice. Hes a Badger so you know he is fundamentally sound and he plays within himself. He will be a solid contributor off the bench this year in limited (possibly expanded if the likes of Jermaine go down per usual) minutes. He looked great last night running the floor with Rondo and played great help defense.

  2. Agreed. Loved watching Steimsma run the court the other night. You can tell you are going to get 100% hustle from this guy and a very smart defensive player. Hey cmon they dont hand out NBA D-league defensive player of the year awards like Sandusky hands out soap bars to little kids…Too Soon?

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