Best Players in College

Just over a month in and there have already been a few different #1 teams in the country.  There have also been many players who have stepped up, or fell off the radar.  I thought it would be fun to vote on who has been the best player in the NCAA ( I only did ranked teams players).  If you are unsure, do not just vote for North Carolina players because I’m pretty sure thats what everyone in the coaches poll does…


5 thoughts on “Best Players in College

    • Austin rivers is a scorer, but without him, Duke would still in the top 10. Kentucky would be good but none of their players are mvps but they are one of the best, if not the best team because they all average double digits..

  1. I agree with the points you just made. I’m thinking best college basketball player, and you’re thinking MVP. Because you can’t talk about the best players in the game without A Rivers, A Drummond, Terrence Jones, A Davis, M Kidd-Gilchrist, etc… They might not be worthy of MVP in College BBall, if that’s what you’re asking, but they are easily some of the best players in the game.

  2. Like the younger Zeller on Indiana. He’s making a name for himself on an Indiana team that seemingly has been out of NCAA basketball for the past few years. I think hes a good underrated candidate for “Mvp” especially after their win over Kentucky. Hard to root against my boy Thomas Robinson though on Kansas as the best college player. After reading the story on ESPN, this guy deserves to be every college hoops fan’s favorite player:

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