Before You Hate on Him

I know this is the Boston Sports Blog, but I was pretty interested when I stumbled upon this article about Jeter. After being named one of the “Most Fascinating People in 2011,” (sorry Manny) he interviewed with Barbara Walters and was talking to her about the racism he faced growing up in Michigan. I guess I understand where he is coming from, but I really don’t think that this should be the focal point of the interview. Can we talk about the fact that this guy gives the girls he sleeps with a gift basket afterwards? I mean how much of a G can you be? Trust me, on the baseball diamond I hate Jeter as much as everyone in Boston…he was the guy who hit the so-called home-run in the 1996 ALCS against the Orioles that was clearly the worst call in the history of sports (if you don’t know what I’m talking about YouTube Jeffrey Maier). However, this guy is absolutely incredible off the field. He pretty much does what he wants with the media, has dated the most ridiculous list of Hollywood Celebrities ever, and he gives the girls who leave his Trump Tower Penthouse a gift basket of signed memorabilia that is left in the limo that drives them home. I mean come on! Jeter also mentioned that he wants to head up a Baseball Operations for a team, potentially indicating that he is does not plan on extending his contract past 2013, a move that I think would allow him to leave still on top. I know you hate him because of the pinstripes, but this guy knows how to get it done off the field.

4 thoughts on “Before You Hate on Him

  1. Can’t call yourself a true fan of both the Red Sox and baseball unless you admit Derek Jeter is a great ballplayer. The guy hustles on the field and is the ideal team captain. Any time i see someone go full speed into a ball in the stands and dive in there with the fans the way Jeter did years back against the Sox, I’m impressed. “The flip?” One of the best heads up plays I have EVER seen a shortstop make. I mean “c’mon son” to any Sox fan that is not willing to have some respect for him. Ya he gets overrated at times by ESPN but the guy was a baller in his prime, and I think hes doing a bit better than our old boy Nomah nowadays after there were all the comparisons in the late 90’s.

    • TOB$ – First off, I like to commend you on what I think could be the comment of the year so-far. All points are spot on, especially your reference to the “most heads up” play in shortstop history. The late 90’s belonged to the shortstop (Nomar, Jeter, AROD, Tejada, Renteria) and look who’s still on top.

  2. no one has a problem with him. its that he makes the all-star team every year, basically no matter how he or any of the other shortstops play in the first half of the season. its absolute tomfoolery

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