Bringing more talent to South Beach

There is some serious stuff going down in Miami right now. The Marlins have made the decision to totally revamp their entire organization from the ground up. We all know how dismal they were last year (didn’t they lose like 46 straight?), but they are bringing it this offseason. Big moves with Jose Reyes, a new reliever in Bell, and they’re after some guy named Pujols if you haven’t already heard ($200+ million for a 10 year deal). Although there are rumors that they have missed the boat on Pujols, they just snagged Mark Buehrle to bolster their starting pitching staff a few hours ago. On top of all this, they just built an absolutely tricked out stadium in Miami, and have rolled out some fresh new jerseys that actually looks like that they’re from Miami. Regardless, the Fish are still in the NL East and will have to battle with the likes of Philly and the rejuvenated Braves. If they grab one more big name pitcher they have more than a chance of snagging the Wild Card spot and if they over-achieve could quietly win the division. Don’t know what Miami is putting in the water, but $100 million contracts are like peanuts to these organizations. Meanwhile the Orioles are in the hunt for absolutely no one…stay hot.

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