@KDTrey5 vs @KingJames

So, after much buildup and a few tweets back and forth, Kevin Durant matched up against LeBron James last night in Akron Ohio for the much anticipated Flag Football game between the two. First off, I am absolutely shocked that the Heat and Oke City were okay with this. Now, I know the CBA isn’t “official” yet, but if I am either organization’s owner and I know the season is starting on December 25, and I know how much money that I have already lost, you better believe that I would have these superstars on 24 hour lockdown. God forbid KD comes down awkwardly and rips up an ACL (cause honestly I know half the country was hoping LeBron got lit up coming across the middle) and Oke City is legit done for the year. That being said, the athleticism that was in this game was insane (except Durant’s brother who could have been the worst quarterback ever). I was rather upset that ESPN (as usual) put the entire spotlight on LeBron. The highlights only showed Durant when he was making a play on Lebron. All of this aside, I don’t think there is a doubt in the world that Lebron could not play in the NFL. You think Deon “Prime Time” was nice for playing baseball and football? Imagine playing – and dominating – in the NBA and NFL. Holy hell. Just saying, Lebron as a 6’8” wide receiver with speed and strength? Hate if you want, but this guy would make Calvin Johnson look like Muggsy Bogues.


2 thoughts on “@KDTrey5 vs @KingJames

  1. 1. Pretty sure it would pretty hard for ANYONE to light LeBron up coming across the middle… 2. Lebron’s fast, but not WR fast. I’d say more of a TE– Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham… all of which were starting forwards in college bball

    • Totally agree on him not being WR fast. But he definately would be one of the most explosive, quick TE’s I’m thinking like a Gronk type presence due to similar height and speed. But I can’t guarantee this guy a spot in the NFL just because he lit up a bunch of average joes in FLAG football. Look I see the speed and athleticism and yeah no doubt he’d make some plays in the NFL, but put some pads on him and have him line up in front of some of the DE’s in the league. The guy bitches more than anyone I have ever seen in the NBA so I don’t see how he could possibly last with the constant hitting in football. Not to mention he’ll have to figure out how to run routes and you know that ‘Bron bron just wants to do ‘bron bron. In the end of the day what i am saying is that, ya he might be able to make some plays due to his athleticism, but in no way would he have a long career/be one of the premeir TE in the league.

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